Why soy candles?

So, I’m pretty sure you read our ‘About Us’ page about how we got started, and for those of you who haven’t- head on over to our page and check out our story.

So you guys might ask why soy candles? How comes I didn’t decide to do regular paraffin candles or even venture with candles made from beeswax. I guess since I’m “blogging” I can let you in on some of my trade secrets.

I’m a big candle lover, growing up I always had candles in my bathroom or in my bedroom. My favorite candle was this Bob Marley candle, I would light on my toilet-it was so mystical-anyhow enough reminiscing. So, Eventually when I moved out on my own, I would still buy and light up my candles at every opportunity.

Going head on into candle production, I had to do a lot of research. I had to research the different kind of waxes, scents and more. When I found out how my regular candles were made (that I so loved), that the wax was obtained from petroleum, I started thinking, this can’t be good for us -to have around the house, just constantly breathing in? I instantly started researching other options as I try to be a “Go Green” kinda girl when it comes to my environment.

Hello Soy candles! Soy candles are made from soy beans, which means, it contains no toxins or any carcinogens, and even better, they don’t trigger allergies. By using soy candles we support the agricultural industry, which in return will stimulate the economy, and the positives of using this type of wax, goes on and on…so with that said, I was like BAM-THAT’S IT!!!!

I remember making my first batch of soy candles, and started burning them to test, and I called one of my friends saying “I don’t like it!”. She said “Why?” I was like- “The wax looks a little flaky and it not smooth, like my regular candles” She instantly reminded me of all the benefits of Soy Wax and said “just make sure they smell good”.

July 19, 2020 — Laura McDonald



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