One of the many things I learnt from my mother is that your house should always smell nice! She would always say "open up the windows, light some candles, let some air in" or "I'm trying out this new incense, try some". I delight in the fact that now, when my friends come over to my house, they say in true Jamaican style "yuh place smell nice eeh"; which leads us to the birth of Laura Alexis Homemade Candles.

Hi...I'm Laura Alexis, but you can just call me Laura; short, sweet and spicy (like my personality) but think L with an "Aura".

After undergoing a surprise appendectomy in November of 2015, I was off work for a couple of weeks. I stayed at my parent's home for the initial recuperation process and I thought I was going out of my mind, (not the parents part) but NO work? How would I live through that? During that period, I signed up for a detox program to start curbing some bad eating habits and other things, none the less, my days were filled with researching everything organic with a lot of DIY's in between. My bathroom started filling up with things like Activated Charcoal, Coconut oil, Baking Soda, you name it-you would find it.

A week passed and I went home to finish recuperating. The nights were filled with lounging in bed watching TV and every night, my partner would light candles, burn some oils, getting me all what type of mixed signals are you trying to send me, after all, I'm still recuperating. He told me one night "I notice you don't light your candles any more; so that's why I'm doing it for you" which sent my thinking in overdrive...I could make's easy (relatively), but why not something organic...I have a picky nose in terms of scents and I would need to be specific.

The next morning during our usual "Pow-Wow" in the kitchen, bouncing ideas off each other, I told him "I'm going to start making my own candles" and without hesitation we did our "high five" and he said "DO IT!" This go ahead felt so much different than previous ones, and I acted immediately without hesitation.

The entire Christmas was spent brainstorming, researching, trying to kick off 2016 with a bang. What should I call it? I wanted something authentic, original, Jamaican...hmmm "Light Up Yuh Life" was the initial name, but I thought that won't sell in Harrods. However, people worldwide love Jamaican culture, so I decided to use my biological name and then infused the Jamaican slangs and culture to represent the scents. Bingo!

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to: Laura Alexis Homemade Candles. Each candle made with the same amount of love! *High Five* ~Laura Alexis