How to keep your home smelling nice!

Happy New Year Everyone! The writing bug has finally hit me, and I do hope 2021 will have me blogging more and sharing my favorite tips, tricks and tid-bits.


So I have a particular neighbor, I would say, he visits my apartment at least 3-4 times a week, and almost 50% of the time, he starts sniffling. Now, my nose is very particular to scents and dust, and inside my mind, I’m like “Snap! He probably thinks my house is dirty,  could it be all the scents I have lingering?” But on the flip side he has never told me my house smells nice? Or after the second visit do you stop giving compliments?” 

I think the biggest compliment is someone telling you your home smells nice. I'm here trying to remember when was the last time someone told me, my home smelt nice? But then again, the last time I entertained, I think the smell of alcohol and food were a little stronger than my little diffuser?  Did my friends even care? 

None the less, it is my New Year’s Resolution is to always have my home smelling nice, and I just wanted to share a couple tips, I’ve started to do.

Drains. Anytime I make tea in the house, I fill my kettle with extra water, add a few drops of citrus in the sink in the kitchen, and down the drains of my shower and face basin (YES I go through oils really fast) then pour the hot water down the drain. If you live in an older house or complex, not only does the hot water kill any insects or creepy crawlies living inside these drains, but it’s like a grand diffuser. The smell lingers but obviously doesn’t last days or weeks, but is a quick picker upper. I have some friends in England, and they just put on a pot with water and potpourri, again it’s like a giant diffuser, and you can keep re-heating it.

When it rains, and all the shoes are left at the door, it’s no longer a welcoming smell greeting you after a long day, and you know scents can really throw off your mood. Thank God for Room & Linen Spritzers! I not only spray that area once a day, but I even spray inside the shoes, and you can do this for shoes in your cupboard too.

Sometime last 2020 I had done a deep clean on my sofa, and unfortunately it was dried on the inside of the house, and after, it had that wet smell! Again Room & Linen Spritzers (or you can use Lysol or Febreeze). This does wonders, as my other fear is that when my friends laugh out loud and bury their heads in the cushions I would hate for them to wonder “why does Laura’s cushions smell funny?” Disclaimer: If it smells funny its from the deep clean, and I need to just remember to keep spraying the cushions. Vacuuming your sofa with a little baking soda, also helps to mask any odors.

Bathrooms. The bathrooms are another room that sometimes have a wet smell, from the shower mat, and sometimes wet towels. If you’re like me, once I’ve finished my shower, I use my Fresh Linen Spritzer “Hol’ A Fresh” and by the time everything is dry, the bathroom smells fresh. Plus people, remember to change your mats and towels frequently.

Bedrooms. If you know me, you know that I spray my bed every morning, and yes my Room & Linen Spritzers are the bomb, as when I hit my sack usually after 11pm, my bed still smells amazing.

Now all of this sounds a little stressful. If you’re looking for something easy, just buy some plug in diffusers, fill them with water, add your favorite scent, and put them at different points of your house and wah-la, you’re home smells amazing….or you can try the plug in warmers and some wax melts, but I do think the diffusers with the oils are a lot stronger.

So in a nutshell, a couple of diffusers and some Room & Linen Sprays and you’re good to go!

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January 05, 2021 — Laura McDonald



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