In life, no matter your age, a lot of things don’t make sense. Jobs, relationships, choices we make or made, and really that’s ok.

Growing up, I was one of those kids, you know the ones that would try to change a grade D to a B, or the one that would devise a plan to create my very own telephone line in my room during my teenage years, yup-Hi I’m Laura! I might not have been book smart in my earlier days, but, I certainly possessed the gift of common sense. The older I got, the academic part starting falling into place, and essentially was the smarter I became. I realized that common sense really wasn’t so common after all.

By the time I hit college (not being a school lover) I figured out a way to graduate early without doing summer school, yup my gifted skill of common sense heightened the older I got too. This was really decided from Day 1, that if every semester I took an extra class, then I could graduate a semester early. Bingo! Game Plan activated! Looking back on it now as I write, turns out I did have a plan for the next 4 years of my college life, where is the plan for the next 4 years of my life now? That common sense driven decision, was something I would hold myself to, every semester. Now that took dedication! 13 years later, who would have ever thought that I’m looking back and learning about my current self from my younger self. Making sense? Life has a funny way of spinning things. Like my spin on 'sense' in this blog.

Speaking of spinning things, as I left college, I decided that my career would be something hands-on, something that involves technology and computers, and with a flair and love for cameras, I decided that my calling would be TV Production and I would pursue it in Kingston, Jamaica. You’re probably wondering, TV making candles....hold your horses.

Life for the pass 13 years, were no where near like my college days. Some days were hard! Some jobs were challenging, and some times, days were even harder because I’m a ‘woman’ in production. But, again, looking back at my younger self, I had what, not a lot people had, and that was drive! I did‘not care about making money! I figured it will eventually follow, well that's what everyone use to tell me. When you do something you love, it tends not to feel like work, and you find yourself just doing things, working longer hours, without even taking a mental note, of how many hours you’ve worked for a week. My dedication turned into drive.

In 2015 towards the end of November, it was a Friday, and it was my first free weekend in months, no work. Yay! I was planning in my mind all the things that I wanted to do that weekend. Go to the beach, go out an eat with my then on/off/partner/boyfriend/friend, lets just add some more dashes (lol) when by the Saturday afternoon I found myself in the operating theatre about to have a surprise appendectomy. Yup! Life through me a curve ball. The doctors told me, no work for about 3 weeks. I’ve never been away from work for so long. What am I going to do with myself? Well if you read the ‘about us’ section the story is all there. Long story short, my days were filled with researching everything organic which motivated me to make my own scented candles.

Well, 2 years later, I’ve started making Room & Linen Spritzers as everything needs to smell nice. Just today I started experimenting with Soaps. I still have a passion for TV Production, but I really want the candle business to grow. Deep down I know it will do really well. I got big dreams for it. But at times, it feels like my life seems a little all over the place, as passions sometimes clash. The one thing I’ve learnt from my current self and not my younger self was that, I didn’t know that deep down, I could physically manage (energy wise) doing my regular TV Production job and making candles. God Bless the supportive team I get to work with (yup they get freebies every now and then). They kinda make me feel like a super hero!

So I’m at the stage of my life, where I’m using my sense, to make cents from scents. The joke is, before all of this, I took my sense of smell for granted. When work would get hectic and the on/off partner is in/out of your life, I literally just enjoy, coming home, and just making candles. It’s almost like “me” time. It really is important for you to set time for yourself and just let your thoughts flow. The variety of scents really relaxes me. I get to think, I get to slow down and guess what...I get to make money!

So I leave you with this, despite the disappointments that will come your way in life, just get back up, brush yourself off and jump back into the race. Make hard look easy! Always remember to set out a plan and be dedicated. Find that drive, that will make you stand out from the crowd, and don’t EVER be afraid to dream big! You got this, trust me, everything will fall into place.

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July 19, 2020 — Laura McDonald

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